5* UNFINISHED BUSINESS - The David Trilogy

Continues the roller coaster ride of psychotic DAVID's obsession with his childhood sweetheart TARA, another skilled mix of fueled tension, dark humor and pulsating sex scenes.

With the help of her gutsy friends, fun-loving city girl TARA is the only victim to survive DAVID's penance list. Whilst lounging in prison for her attempted murder, the sexual tour de force enlists an eager recruit, seduces a prison warden and relocates to the sunnier climes of Mexico.

A freedom short-lived when his charred remains are found in the fire of a plastic surgeon's clinic. The police cease their search. Finally TARA and her friends can relax, scheming DAVID is dead.

Laughter soon turns to fear when he communicates via TARA's laptop that he is very much alive, knows their every move and is ready to finish what he started. He is among them, but who?... he has a brand new face.

TARA has had enough running, time to turn and face her killer. DAVID has met his match. Careful what you wish for...

UNFINISHED BUSINESS  A woman unafraid of death is a dangerous thing.