5* THE PENANCE LIST - The David Trilogy

Is a brave, terrifying, pulsating read fuelled by first rate storytelling; a skilled mix of sizzling sex, sinister tension and mischievous laugh out loud, set to inject new life into the fiction market.

We follow CUNNINGHAMS's captivating psychopath, DAVID HOWARD, as he stalks the movements of the love of his life through London's showbiz classes, offering an ambitious and exciting thriller exposing the secrets of the rich and famous.

A smouldering, stylish, heart pounding thriller, based in London's Chelsea and Italy's Amalfi Coast.

CUNNINGHAM has it all; suspense, murder, passion, laughter, fear, obsession, romance and thought provoking questions with twists and turns galore. Empathy for a killer, as we understand the boy but fear the man he has become.

He loved being him... he got away with murder.
She loved being her... until she met him.


What becomes of a beautiful altar boy after years of sexual abuse, the loss of his mother, the loss of his faith and the loss of his one true love? He cracks. Learning from his abusers, he turns from a cherub to a sexual tour de force, from a mummy's boy to a psychotic killer, from God to the Devil.

20yrs on, he calmly stalks and murders those he blames, absolving sins and revenging pain. We follow glamorous career woman Tara, her 'Sex and the City' girlfriends, her footballing sensation lover, his ex SAS bodyguard and fame hungry WAG, as their shallow fun-loving world is hit by the force that is David. They have no idea that their every move is being captured on film, that they are on a death list.

Magnetic, predatory, bi sexual, he wreaks havoc in the name of justice. The body count rises as Tara's luck runs out. How much blood must fall before a boy erases his past, for the worm to stop turning? 'Teacher, leave those kids alone' Pink Floyd