Written & Illustrated by SCCunningham

A loving, cuddly, engaging collection of children's picture books, showing pets discussing their 'life handling' problems and how they solve them together. Through stunning illustrations, children learn how to communicate their problems and work through their feelings. The series will make a great addition to any child’s home collection or teacher’s read-aloud library. Encouraging thought-provoking conversation between adult and child.

The books are based on SCCunningham's beloved family pets; Joe, Muttley, Dali (Jo), Tom and Vinnie.

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5 "Beautifully Illustrated, Charming, Educational, Fun, Highly Recommend!"

5*“I feel like these books should be available in every home and school to come back to again and again, especially for young children due to important messages they give." 

5*"WOW! I absolutely loved these books! Each story has something to teach, a lesson to learn. What a great teaching tool. The pictures are gorgeous! Fantastic series. Cute, fun, sad and sweet. All with a great lesson to be learned!" 

5*"This is THE books series parents and carers alike need on there bookshelves! I have already past on these book details to both my son's SENCO's at school!"

5*"Beautifully Illustrated, Heart Warming Educational, Important Lessons, Highly Recommend! Heart-warming story. Looking After Each Other, Being Kind, Family and Friendship" 

5 "Jo’s Secret is a Charming Children Picture Book that is Educational, Fun, Cute and Teaches Valuable Life Skills.
I can't recommend this delightful Book Enough!"

5* "What a cute and delightful children’s book with great educational value. I truly adored this little gift and hope it will bring joy and happiness and subtle lessons too many children."

5* "There is a very strong message and I quote from the book.... (dog Jo) “It doesn’t matter what colour, age or breed he is (meaning ginger kitten Vinnie), or where he’s from. Clever animals know that family doesn’t just mean having the same parents. Family means looking after everyone that comes into your life, even if they only stay for a short while." This message is so strong and powerful, it helps children to understand that even though we maybe different from each other, as long as we're kind and look out for each other you will always have family."

"From the moment I read this children’s book I was enchanted by the sweet way it is a story about friendship, trust and being yourself."

5* "Those pets are amazing and act like humans and that’s why this is a very well written book for children. Most kids love animals and they will be thrilled by this engaging picture book and the adventures of the pets. Through their eyes they learn important things like respect for elder, recycling and caring for others but even not to forget themselves because everybody is special. You may ask questions and be different because that’s the unique you."

5* "Ginormous Jo’s Welcoming Arms is a beautifully Illustrated Children's Picture Book that educates children about being kind, helpful, respectful"

"Dealing with new additions to the family and saying aloud what you feel, it will resonate with young readers, giving rise to some interesting conversations."

"Young readers will enjoy reading about Jo and Vinnie, and parents will appreciate the subtle messages/lessons learned within the pages of the book."

"I enjoyed the message of this book, which is basically Don't judge a book by its cover. It's a good lesson for kids to learn early on. Be kind. Be friendly."

"Ginormous Joe's Broken Bark is a great, fun start to a cute series that will appeal to kids and adults alike."

5* "If you are looking for a Compelling, Educational and Heart warming Story of Friendship, Family, Love, caring and being kind.
That is relatable, endearing characters, can be read as a bed time story or standalone."

"Ginormous Joe's Broken Bark is a great, fun start to a cute series that will appeal to kids and adults alike. I'm giving it 4 stars."

5* "Ginormous Jo’s Secret is a Charming Children Picture Book that is Educational, Fun, Cute and Teaches Valuable Life Skills."

5* "Hooray for Ginormous Joe! What a great story. Pure love really does have redeeming/transforming properties doesn't it? I want to meet Ginormous Joe and give him a great big hug. Gorgeous illustrations!"

5* "A lesson in life for us all. I shall remember liswat. I know a beautiful large white dog just like Jo who listens and watches.”

5* "So real. Fires the imagination - makes you look at animals in a different light - waiting for books 3 and 4”

4* "This was the cutest book that touched my heart. The author did an outstanding job, I enjoyed it and I think that any child would love this story too."





By SCCunningham, Illustrations by Scarlett Raven & SCCunningham

Can a dog be saved by the love of a family? Can he find his bark to save them from the local thief?

Meet Joe. He’s got the worst owner that dumps him by the road where he is found by the Tuttle family. They take him in, even though he has no bark at all. But he is a very large dog which should help protect the family from the recent break-ins around the neighborhood. But Joe loves to sleep. He stretches out and snores loud, barking while he dreams of chasing rabbits. He just can’t bark while he is awake.

Will he save the family when a burglar enters the house? Will Joe find his bark to warn them in time?

This delightful story is the first of a series of stories featuring Ginormous Joe. It shows how he becomes part of the Tuttle family. It’s a great read-aloud for families that have recently got a dog and teaches a lesson on how everyone has a purpose.


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Do you have a child that has trouble talking to people? Or expressing their feelings?

Here is a story about dogs with the problem of communicating their feelings, and how they solve it together. The Tuttles enjoy walking their dog, Ginormous Joe. But one day, they bring home a new friend, another dog named Mo. Joe and Mo don’t seem to hit it off. She is always ignoring him and not wanting to play.

One day, Joe realizes that all he needed to do was reach out and talk. This gave Mo a chance to tell him why she never would play with him. She was shy. The awkwardness between them evaporates, and they become friends, all from finally being brave enough to tell each other their feelings.


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Looking for a way to help children face bullies?

Have them follow along on the adventures of Ginormous Jo and her dog friends as they learn to face bullies in her dog neighborhood. When Ginormous Jo visits one of her friends Muttley, she notices Muttley is very down. She doesn’t seem to want to do their normal play activities. Jo is worried, and finally gets Muttley to bravely tell her why she won’t go outside. The dogs down the street are bullying Muttley.

Will Muttley stand up to them? Or will it take some help from her friend Jo first?

This is a great read-aloud for the whole family or for a class working on beginning of the school year skills. Children will learn the techniques on how to stand up to a bully. This is the fourth book in the Ginormous Jo collection.


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

In “Ginormous Jo’s Secret,” S C Cunningham explains the very link between listening and learning.  Though the huge, white, huggable dog called Jo wasn’t sure at first when her mum brought home a cuddly little kitten called Vinnie, she grew to love him with time. Vinnie was loving, playful and made her laugh a lot. Because Jo didn’t want Vinnie behaving like their noisy, shouty, and greedy neighbours, she introduces him to “Liswat,” telling him the great importance of listening and learning from others and the very secret behind her being a clever dog. Does Vinnie now know the meaning of “Liswat?”


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Have siblings or school friends been having trouble getting along? Or is there a new member or pet in the family? Join loveable dogs, Ginormous Jo and little Tom, as a new member of the family is adopted, a ginger kitten. Vinnie is a very mischievous and curious kitten. He gets into everything. Tom, is annoyed and unhappy with the new addition. Vinnie follows him around, making all sorts of big messes. What are they going to do with this new kitten? Faced with having to take charge of Vinnie, the dogs start to help and manage his adventures. Watching out for him, they learn to accept that family means to look after each other and being older comes with responsibility.

This is a great picture book for helping children understand additions to the classroom or family, whether they are pets or a new baby. Children will learn how to be responsible for the new member and that looking out for someone else is not only kind, but a new sort of responsibility, that can be fun. This will make a great addition to any parenting library or in the classroom.

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Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Ever wish you could ask someone the big life questions? Tom and Vincent have a full list for their friend, Ginormous Jo. Being in a unique family of three dogs and a kitten, they are all the best of friends. Tom, a little white dog and Vincent, a small kitten, play quietly in the backyard until they start asking questions about life. Are they special? Why do they feel they don’t fit in? They come up with a list to ask Ginormous Jo, the friendly senior dog in the house. She takes the two to heart and listens to their questions. The answers might be astonishing to the pair, but they are an excellent example of how you can learn from those wiser than yourself. But the important thing, of course, is they asked for help from an elder. She teaches them how they are already special. And that through recycling, they can help save the whole world!

This darling little picture book continues the Ginormous Jo serious stressing the importance of asking questions and being honest with your elders. It helps model how children should feel free to express their feelings to loved ones older than them, and follow the advice. It stresses how anyone can be special by their personal effort to better the world. This is a great book for any children’s library especially as a gift from a grandparent or older sibling.


Compilation Boxset of 5 Books

Ginormous Jo's Adventures

Written and Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Five of Ginormous Jo's fun adventures from The Ginormous Series where children learn how to communicate their problems and work through their feelings.

This loving, cuddly collection of children's books follows pets discussing their 'life handling' problems and how they solve them together. Topics covered are; bullying, feeling lonely, fitting in, social behavior, accepting a new member in the classroom or family, listening and learning, recycling, we are all different and that everyone is special.


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Need to teach your little ones the safety rules if they get lost?
Want to reaffirm to young children basic safety practices?

Let Ginormous Jo and her friends demonstrate the best ways to handle getting lost. In this new adventure everyone listens intently as Buddy, the new neighbours dog, explains how horrible and scary it was to get lost. Of course, he knew he shouldn’t have gone through that open gate alone. But disobeying is forgivable if you find yourself knowing you made a mistake and trying to make it better.

In the retelling of his tale, Buddy demonstrates what to do if lost. Find an authority person like a police officer, security guard, lifeguard, or storekeeper. Find a safe place to ask for help, and make a safe meeting point when out with family. The dogs discuss knowing your phone number, address, and full name to give to an authority figure.

This story is a great way to teach children the important safety rules in case they find themselves lost. It will make a great addition to any reading library at home or in the classroom. And a great read-aloud during safety units in school for teachers.


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Ginormous Jo and her friends are at it again. They’ve taken on a new adventure, and it’s going to aid one of her companions in their constant need to worry. Muttley was afraid to even go outside, until Jo helped him to face his fears. Slowly but surely, they relive Muttley’s constant worry that would hold him back. But now, he is able to finally go to the beach and walk with Jo.

Both dogs stumble onto a mysterious stone on the sand, and track down the owner. It leads them on an adventure of self-discoveries, flashbacks, and a revelation of why it’s so important to face your fears by finding the facts to end anxiety.

Here is a great book to introduce your child to ways to ease their anxiety while entering the world of Ginormous Jo through adventure and fantasy. They’ll solve a mystery while learning from Ginormous Jo and her friends. It will make a great addition to your child’s library for sharing at bed time again and again.


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

Want a way to show how kindness can make a difference?

Start with this story of Ginormous Jo and her friends. Today, Jo is in the backyard having amazing, big thoughts. Her friends ask her what they are. You’ll be surprised to learn they are simple. If we all did one good deed a day, how happy it would make us feel. From giving a compliment, picking up a piece of litter, being polite, giving a smile to the lonely child in the classroom or just listening to someone, you can do a little good in the world. A big discussion starts on how this can be accomplished and exciting ideas are shared. Join in the discussion on how you can change the world.

This book is a great way to tie in manners and first day of school behaviors for any classroom. Plus, it’s a motivating addition to your child’s library. Helping them remember and choose what little bit of good they can do each day.


Written & Illustrated by S C Cunningham

What do you do when someone you love dies?
How do you help a loved one in their grief?

If you’re Ginormous Jo and her lovable pet family, you show how much you care by listening and learning.

Two dogs, Zippy and Colin, live down the street. When the pets learn that Zippy has passed away, together they explore what it means to grieve. They devise a plan to get Colin through every stage of the grieving process and discover that no matter how difficult things may be, everything is always better when you have friends to help you through it.

Follow Ginormous Jo and her friends as they live, laugh, love, and learn some of life’s most important lessons, one precious moment at a time. A heartwarming tale of friendship, loss, and healing as children learn about the grieving process with age-appropriate content and helpful lessons.