5* THE DEAL - The Fallen Angel Series

(In film development, EVIL'S MATCH, working title)

Feisty Amy Fox hates rules. She’s a new Angel, but for how long? Abusing her powers... avenging personal scores, lusting after her partner, dishing out tough karma on; his evil ex, bullies, traffickers, drug dealers, crime gangs and competing Warlords... will have her thrown below ground!

At the age of four, Amy was taken…She survived.

A week later, another little girl was taken…She didn’t.

Angry that a bad man has gotten away with murder, young Amy makes a deal with God. When she dies, if she’s been a good girl, would God let her sit on a cloud for a while, invisible, to get bad people who slip through his fingers?

Her deal and God long forgotten, career girl Amy mysteriously dies. Her lifeless body is found beneath a London underground commuter train.

She awakens in the afterlife to discover an international network of like-minded souls who’ve all made the same deal. A sophisticated MI5-esque justice machine sits in the skies, protecting, righting wrongs, tracking criminals, and working within strict rules of play…all against time.

Each country's Unit shares intelligence, surveillance, and resources to deactivate dangerous situations. The only evidence they leave behind during their earthly visits is a small white feather sashaying to the ground.

In a chaotic world, powerful adversaries try to close her Unit down. A complex SAS vigilante has been assigned to work as her partner, but with his jealous violent ex-girlfriend on her heels and with her own vendetta to settle, Amy has never worked so hard in her entire earthly life. She has to wonder if making a deal with God was a mistake.


"The Deal is blissfully raw and absolutely perfect. ★★★★★ for days.
SC Cunningham sent me on a vivid acrobatic journey replaying Amy's past at the right intervals. The text is detailed, flawless, and wonderful. The puzzle pieces all started to line up as I followed Amy through her transformation and inevitably towards her happily ever after. The Deal is so descriptive I felt as if I was reading line for line an investigative report. Let's just pray I'm lucky enough to go to heaven and be a BALLER like Amy Fox as she gets sweet succulent revenge on all the people who abused her.
Review originally posted at NDPBookReview.com"

"Could not put this down - enjoy reading all her work. Am now desperately waiting for the next one in the series."

"A riveting unusual storyline that keeps you guessing till the end. Did not want to put this entertaining book down - a must read. I'm impatient for the next one."

"Very enjoyable and original story. Author also links in the main character from her other books. Lovely idea and the doors have been left open for a sequel which I can't wait for."


THE DEAL a paranormal thriller for those who dare to believe there is something else out there...

At the age of four, Amy was taken...She survived.
A week later, another little girl was taken...She didn't.

"The plots in this book intertwine and twist and turn on many levels simultaneously, it's addictive."

"It got me! It's been a very long time since I have read a book that I, A. Couldn't put down and B. I didn't want it to end! Can't wait for the next in the series"

"Hard to put down - a must read that keeps you guessing."

"This is an engaging story exploring the serious and timely issue of human trafficking with enough light-hearted relief and balance to keep the reader engaged in a "heavenly" world where angels work tirelessly, ridding and thwarting the earth of evil people. With all the twists and unpredictable surprises, this book will keep the reader turning the pages until the end, and beyond...to see what trouble Amy Fox can stir up in Unit 9's next crime fighting endeavors. This is a quick read and will have the reader wishing true Fallen Angels busily work in the background. The characters are ethereally real and delightful."