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Have just read through the reviews for KARMA's book tour. Oh my goodness! what a wonderful gift to be given!

The years of putting a single thought to paper, of creating a gang of characters living in a new world, with all their spaghetti-hair-pulling story-lines, of researching, editing, re-editing and editing again, of beta reading, cover designing, sacrificing life, family and friends time, of living, sleeping and eating the lives of my characters, of working alone and keeping faith.... was worth it.

I thank you book bloggers and reviewers for your time and words. You're an important cog in the world of publishing. You give authors courage for their next, and readers courage to discover something new.

YOU ROCK!... (am shouting!)





🔹️ “This read lives up to its name because karma is dished out in healthy doses at just the right moments to some pretty repugnant Erthfolk who are too vile and evil for words. Good to see the Cloud 9 gang again!”

🔹️ “What if angels are simply enhanced humans who made deals with the higher powers, and have heightened senses of right and wrong? Well, that’s the basis for S.C. Cunningham’s Fallen Angel series.”

🔹️ “Karma is a unique twist on the classic Heaven and Hell tale.”

🔹️ “I loved the universe, and premise. There’s something comfortable, and wonderful, to me, about a crime fighting team of misfits going on jobs, while also interacting amongst themselves. There’s a Fringe aspect here, as well as a Warehouse 13, Torchwood, Heroes, and Breakout Kings vibe. I’d love to be able to put why I’m reminded of those shows into words, but there’s something tantalisingly familiar about the Fallen Angel series, and those shows pop to mind. So, if you enjoy media with a group of people bringing justice, with all the twists and turns of a great Paranormal Fantasy, then this captures that beautifully. There’s also a Reaper vibe between Amy and Gregori I thoroughly enjoyed. This series could happily be turned into a TV show, and a great one at that. If you’re a paranormal fantasy fan, who is always on the lookout for the next Shadow Hunters or Women of the Otherworld, then I’d give this series a go.”

🔹️ “I love the characters and their thrilling adventures mixed with some dark humour.”

🔹️ “The scenes are cool, funny, steamy and sometimes unexpected.”

🔹️ “The book plays like a film and is an exciting trip to an original created world. I can’t wait to read ‘Calling’.”

🔹️ “It’s paranormal urban fantasy with a flair of Brit attitude. It’s a combo of lusty romcom and supernatural adventure written with gusto.”

🔹️ “Though he still follows the rules of the Fallen, Jack Mallan walks a fine line between justice and vengeance.”

🔹️ “Download this one today so you don’t get left behind!”

🔹️ “Highly recommended, I really enjoyed it!”

🔹️ “The concept behind the book is great. I love the author’s way of storytelling. She clearly has a fantastic imagination to be able to bring it all to life so well!”

🔹️ “Angels, devils… you can’t imagine yourself how the balance is maintained in this world.”

🔹️ “Amy and Jack are incredibly hilarious and hot as an odd “fallen” couple.”

🔹️ “A special team guard people on earth, but don’t think they look and act like you think they would do.”

🔹️ “You are taken on quite a journey. With quirky, interesting characters that make you smile as they dish out some karma.”

🔹️ “It’s not just about rounding up criminals there’s also a good mix of complicated family drama as Amy has quite a background.”

🔹️ “There is romance and it’s definitely of the sizzling variety with a very hot chemistry.”

🔹️ “Amy and her elite group of angelic interventionists dispense justice among the living, but in a way that nobody notices. A whisper here, a suggestion there, a shove or intervention at the right time. Makes all the difference to those in the realm of the living, and it just seems as if karma is happening.”

🔹️ “Every time Amy uses her powers to help someone in trouble she eases the nightmares hidden inside her.”

🔹️ “A bawdy game of justice with every tier of the hierarchy reaching from the top of the clouds to the bottom of hell along for the ride.”

🔹️ “Very happy with this book as it was so well thought out and planned.”

🔹️ “Fans who love urban fantasy will truly get this and want to see how the story unfolds.”

🔹️ “This book surprised me. I think it has such promise as a series and will truly be one of those magical books that to me are a must read.”

🔹️ “What if all we know about good and evil is only the surface of the truth?”

🔹️ “What if the Fallen operate out of an MI5-esque organisation, bringing people to justice, and doing what they can to help the living, including (but not limited to) eliminating serial killers or giving the dying an extra day to see their loved ones.”

🔹️ “This series caught my eye in all the right ways.”

🔹️ “Following the small group of Fallen who live and work out of Cloud 9, Karma doesn’t follow one straight plot line, but like a good drama series, follows a number of ‘cases’, giving plenty of satisfying endings along the way.”

🔹️ “Cunningham creates diverse, well rounded characters, each of whom has highs, lows, wins, and losses. No one character is 100% good, or bad, irrelevant of their position.”

🔹️ “Amy Fox is a new angel, part of a team that takes care of those that have escaped justice in our world. But Amy goes beyond what she is supposed to and is on the verge of being punished for it.”

🔹️ “The story line is well thought out, and engaging. I liked the premise that Good struggles with Evil, and that the lines between the two are sometimes blurred.”

🔹️ "I really enjoyed Alice's hunters project. She talks about cruelty and the killing of animals for sport, in particular the bullfighting horses, with such passion that it is infectious.”

🔹️ “Graphic detail of the abuses suffered by the innocent.”

🔹️ “I wasn’t disappointed because wow, is this hard hitting.”

🔹️ “Whilst being an entertaining novel, it’s not a light read. There are parts that make you sick to the bone, but isn’t life a bit like that sometimes? It doesn’t do any harm to read tales like this to be truly reminded how lucky we are.”

🔹️ “I loved this just as much as The Deal. Wonderful real life prose in a world that well, it could be real life, who are we to know!cBuy it now! You won’t be disappointed.”

🔹️ “My first taste of the wonderful stories Cunningham tells. Karma is not for the faint hearted, it’s raw, edgy and completely addictive.”

🔹️ “Amy is a fallen,a group of angels that deal out Karma to the scum of the earth, erthfolk - paedophiles, rapists, murderers and drug dealers to name but a few.”

🔹️ “Some of the writing is very graphic but it makes the story even more real and hard hitting.”

🔹️ “Amy and Jack are fantastic characters; down to earth and totally believable. I dare you not to fall in lust with Jack! Their relationship is sexy and sweet rolled into one.”

🔹️ “Siobhan’s writing style is easy and faultless, I wanted to jump into the pages and be part of it. Karma is intoxicating and addictive, a definite ‘must read’.”

🔹️ “I thoroughly enjoy the author’s fast-paced, witty comments mixed with an almost “thinking-out-loud” style that moves the reader through the story very quickly.”

🔹️ "The story itself is an intriguing concept and I love the instant doses of karma that Amy, Jack and the rest of the unit dish out to Erthfolk.”

🔹️ “I felt like I was watching video clips of those “instant karma” videos that make you punch the air and say “ha!”

🔹️ “While the book does deal with some really sensitive topics, it does so with humour and warmth, and I rather enjoyed it.”

🔹️ “If you’re looking for a light-hearted quick read, that still has some depth to the story, I’d recommend the Fallen Angel Series.”



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