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THE DAVID TRILOGY Steamy Psychological Thrillers

The Penance List (free ebook), Unfinished Business, For My Sins (in progress)


"Hard-hitting and powerful, this psychological thriller has it all; sex, murder, power, glamour, secrets, lies, revenge, and wicked moments of laugh out loud. Set in the colourful underbelly of glitterati London and the stunning Amalfi Coast. Stalkers, prostitutes, ex SAS, footballers, WAGs and the British press pay the price of childhood secrets, an abused cherubic choirboy pays the price of beauty and ladies who lunch pay the price of greed, deceit and lust - as evil steps centre stage. It's no wonder this one's going to Hollywood."

What happens when a scorned childhood sweetheart grows into a bisexual tour de force, when a fun loving, glamorous career girl, her racy girlfriends and insatiable lovers, get caught in his revenge, when sex is used as a weapon and hearts as bait?

What happens to high flying careers, clandestine affairs and wannabe starlets when the celebrity hungry press find out?

Obsession, kidnap, murder, intimate images going viral... he's just getting started! 

An illicit cocktail of priests, prostitutes, bodyguards, footballers & ruthless media bosses. Grab a glass of wine, close the bedroom door and read alone!

Written & Read by S C Cunningham   

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THE FALLEN ANGEL SERIES Kickass Paranormal Crimefighters

The Deal (Free Ebook), Karma (in progress)

The Deal is blissfully raw & absolutely perfect. ★★★★★ for days.”

“Oh my... Part paranormal romance, part mystery thriller The Deal is sure to be a hit with fans of both dramas.With enough action & suspense to keep it interesting, sprinkled with steamy scenes, & topped off with a final reveal, the book was a fast read.”

Do you believe in Angels? Then buckle up and hold on tight...

At the age of four, Amy was taken… She survived.

A week later, another little girl was taken… She didn’t.

Angry that a bad man has gotten away with murder, feisty young Amy Fox makes a deal with God. When she dies, if she’s been a good girl, would God let her sit on a cloud for a while, invisible, to get bad people who slip through his fingers?

Her deal and God long forgotten, career girl Amy mysteriously dies. Her lifeless body is found beneath a London underground commuter train.

She awakens in the afterlife to discover an international network of like-minded souls who’ve all made the same deal. A sophisticated MI5-esque justice machine sits in the skies, protecting, righting wrongs, tracking criminals, and working within strict rules of play…all against time.

Each country’s Unit shares intelligence, surveillance, and resources to deactivate dangerous situations. The only evidence they leave behind during their earthly visits is a small white feather sashaying to the ground.

In a chaotic world, powerful adversaries try to close her Unit down. A complex SAS vigilante has been assigned to work as her partner, but with his jealous violent ex-girlfriend on her heels and with her own vendetta to settle, Amy has never worked so hard in her entire earthly life. She has to wonder if making a deal with God was a mistake.

Written & Read by S C Cunningham

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Uplifting Children's Picture Book (FREE Audiobook)

"A charming, stunningly illustrated feelgood children's audio book, teaching children to care for animals, that good wins over bad and love conquers all."

Joe is a big white huggable dog owned by a man called Nasty Nik. Joe tries to be good, but sadly Nasty Nik doesn't know how to treat animals. He mistreats Joe, kicking him when he barks. Eventually Joe loses his confidence and his bark.

One day Nik abandons poor Joe on the streets. The kind Tuttle family rescue him and with plenty of love, hugs and humour, bring him back to health.

 Joe shares with us his funny look on life;

"Why does Mrs Tuttle pick up my poos in little bags, it's SO embarrassing... what does she do with all that poo?"

"Why do the Tuttles changes their clothes every day, I have one white fur coat and it suits me just fine"

His best friend young Mary Tuttle helps him through the embarrassment of being the size of a lion, but having no bark, the other dogs laugh at him.

He is fed up and feels useless. Mary gives him love, hugs and courage.

When a burglar visits the Tuttle's house.... can love mend Ginormous Joe's Broken Bark?

Written & Read by S C Cunningham
Artwork by Scarlett Raven

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