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Steamy Romance

1st March - 30th May 2019

A special Collection for lovers of romance, erotica and LGBT. 

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Paranormal, SciFi, Fantasy, Magic Giveaway

1st March - 30th May 2019

A special collection for Paranormal, Fantasy, SciFi lovers.

Murder Mystery Thriller Giveaway

1st March - 30th May 2019

Your Summer Reading List

1st May - 30th Sept 2019

A bumper go-to reading list for all genres! One link to carry you through the Summer, however the mood takes you. Thriller, Romance, Action, Adventure, SciFi, Fantasy, Paranormal, Techno and more! If you enjoy a book let these wonderful Authors know by writing a review. And if you want to keep up with future releases, join their email lists. Enjoy, here's to a fab Summer!


Spring Love & Romance Giveaway

1st March - 31st May 2019


Steamy Romance & Erotica Spring Giveaway

1st March - 30th May 2019


Paranormal, SciFi, Fantasy, Angels, Demons, Witches, Techno Spring Giveaway

1st March - 30th May 2019


Thriller, Murder, Mystery, Action Spring Giveaway

1st March - 30th May 2019


Erotic Romance Giveaway

30th May - 10th June 2019


Detective, Police Procedural, Crime Mystery Giveaway

24th March - 1st Sept 2019


Summer Thrills and Mystery

20th April - 31st May 2019


Romance Romance Romance

28th April - 31st May 2019


May-Hem Thriller Horror Giveaway

1st - 31st May 2019


May by Moonlight, Paranormal Romance Giveaway

1st - 31st May 2019


Paranormal May

1st - 31st May 2019


Hot and Steamy Reads

1st - 31st May 2019


Dark and Daring Fantasy Giveaway

1st - 31st May 2019


May by Midnight, Paranormal Romance Giveaway

1st - 31st May 2019


Out of This World Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, SciFi Giveaway

Ends 31st May 2019


Heros and Gods Giveaway, Fantasy, SciFi

15th May - 15th June 2019


Sci Fantastic Giveaway

Ends 22nd May 2019


Dark and Deadly Erotic Reads Giveaway

1st May - 30th June 2019


Galaxy Unknown SciFi Fantasy

6th - 27th May 2019


Turn up the heat, Erotic Giveaway

1st May - 30th June 2019


Readin is Sexy!!

1st May - 31st August 2019


Tough Guys and High Stakes Giveaway

15th - 31st May 2019


Summer Reading

19th May - 15th June 2019

Summer Reading for Everyone, Enjoy!


Star Struck SciFi Fantasy Romance Giveaway

10th May - 10 June 2019


Summer of Love, Romance Erotica

1st June - 1st September 2019


Indie Authors All Genres

15th June - 15th July 2019


Hot Girls, Hot Ladies, Hot Books, Hot Summer Giveaway

1st June - 31st August 2019


Books that set your nerves on edge. Crime Thriller Suspense Horror Giveaway

1st - 30th June 2019


Paranormal Fantasy Romantic Giveaway

1st June - 30th August 2019


Fabulous Fiesty Female Protagonist, All Genres, Giveaway 

15th June - 15th July 2019


My Winter Reading List Giveaway

1st Oct - 31st January 2020


Mystery Thriller Contemporary Winter Giveaway

13th Oct - 4th Nov 2019




5* THE PENANCE LIST - Steamy Suspense Thriller   -  1st in Series FREE!

5* UNFINISHED BUSINESS - Steamy Suspense Thriller - FREE PREVIEW

5 *  What happens when opposites attract and you fall for a psychotic killer? Obsession, Kidnap, Murder... David Howard is just getting started!

"Hard-hitting, powerful, this rom thriller has it all; sex, murder, power, glamour, secrets, lies, revenge, wicked laugh out loud. Stalkers, prostitutes, ex SAS, footballers and the British press. No wonder this one's going to Hollywood."


NOTE: If you are a fan of lead protagonist DAVID, he has joined  THE FALLEN ANGEL SERIES  causing all kinds of trouble!


5* THE DEAL - Crime Suspense Thriller   1st in Series, FREE

5* KARMA - Crime Suspense Thriller      NEW RELEASE!

5* Feisty Amy Fox hates rules, she's a new Angel, but for how long? Abusing her powers, lusting after her partner, avenging personal scores, protecting the underdog, dishing out unauthorized karma on terrorists, traffickers, abusers, hunters, bullies, bitches and competing Heaven v Hell Warlords... will have her thrown below ground.

"Karma. Wow ! Great book. Make a great film."

"You are a very gifted writer and have created a rich, complex, believable world and characters. My senses have rarely been engaged so viscerally while reading."

“The Deal is blissfully raw and absolutely perfect. 5  for days.”

“Completely different from anything I have ever read; it is an outstanding book.”

“It got me! It's been a very long time since I have read a book that I, A. Couldn't put down and B. I didn't want it to end!"

"Plots intertwine twist and turn, it's addictive.”

"Hard to put down - a must read that keeps you guessing."






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