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The Penance List by S C Cunningham

"Hard-hitting and powerful, this psychological thriller has it all; sex, murder, power, glamour, secrets, lies, revenge, and wicked moments of laugh out loud. Set in the colourful underbelly of glitterati London and the stunning Amalfi Coast. Stalkers, prostitutes, ex SAS, footballers, WAGs and the British press pay the price of childhood secrets, an abused cherubic choirboy pays the price of beauty and ladies who lunch pay the price of greed, deceit and lust - as evil steps centre stage. It's no wonder this one's going to Hollywood."

“5 Stars - Well I have to say wow after reading this book!!  It was so much more than I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed it – it had sex, murder, secrets and lies and it was a brilliant thriller. I was hooked straight away and enjoyed every page – very well written and very well put together with a brilliant writing style!! Definitely a 5 star read for me – sooo good!!”

“Holy cow! This book is intense. It is everything that the synopsis promises and more. It's a psychological thriller with a dose of romance and a pinch of suspense.  SC Cunningham expertly weaves a tale that kept me on the edge of my seat and up at night!”

“The plot was wonderful. It was meticulously crafted to tie all the different story lines together to have one major climax. I would recommend reading them in the quiet of a bedroom. Not in a busy coffee shop! Oh la la! The Penance List. It was everything promised and more!!!”

“The inner turmoil in the characters is intense and keeps the reader engaged and rushing to read the next chapter.  This is a riveting psychological thriller that lures you in slowly and stuns you at the end.  Book 2 here I come.”

“5 Stars - This is a killer story that has a great plot with well-developed characters and enough sex to keep everyone happy. I was very surprised and will definitely be keeping my eyes open for the next book in this series.”

What an unsettling, disturbing and downright sexy ride this book is. Blimey, I need a cold shower and a cocktail after that! The writing flows incredibly well and I quickly devoured the book, leaving me gasping for more.”

“This book had me looking over my shoulder one minute and gasping out loud the next. I didn’t know which way up my head was on occasions as I lost myself into this book. I’d advise to not read this book on public transport!”

“It’s sadistic, it’s passionate and it’s funny on occasion – it’s a mix that I wasn’t sure how it would work but my gosh it definitely does work! It’s not just about the gore and it’s not just about the sex, this book is so much more. It has depth, beautifully written words and it will leave you wanting more. I cannot wait to read the next two books in the trilogy.”

“Like, what did I stumble into? Brilliantly crafted dark and devious mind bender of a story. A delicious and often times horrifying story where each character intertwines leading up to an explosive grand finale. Written exceptionally well. This is a no holds barred story. The sex is plentiful – guy/guy, girl/girl….cheating…you name it it’s probably here. This book makes erotica look tame. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to start the second book in the series.”

“Wow! What a read! All I can say is what a fantastic find! I was gripped from the very first chapter! It was dark, sexy, provocative, thrilling and oh so exciting! This story made ’50 Shades’ look like a tame children’s book. It was so raunchy and I loved every word of it and lapped it up enthusiastically. The pages turned quick and fast as I hurried to see how the story would end. I was not disappointed when i did finally get to the last page; instead I wanted more!”

“There is a big part of me that understands why David is the way he is and I feel sorry for the person that is lost and who could have been, but damn he is an evil-dark-sexy-man. To say that he is ‘hot’ is an understatement. Yes he is troubled, yes he is angry and at times very scary, but there is something about the character that draws me in. The whole story got me hot under the collar more than once.”

“S C Cunningham has a really good talent for writing and knows exactly how to engage her readers. If you like a book with a bit of spunk, a story that leaves you gagging for more and a ‘villain’ who is drop-dead-evil-sex-on-legs then read this! A fantastic dramatic, thrilling story hidden in the pages. This book is an amazing read with a host of likeable characters.”

“This was a very enjoyable read. I had completed the story within a few days and was very pleased with the fact that there is another couple of books in the series. And I look forward to seeing how the rest of the series pans out. Please, if you haven’t already, check out the author, S C Cunningham and her work!”

“5 Stars - Oh my goodness! The Penance List is so fast-paced, I fell off the bed reading it! Great style, lots of action and intrigue. I am glad I took a chance on it. A great read. Dare I say, I want more?!!!”

“The Penance List starts out with a scene to make your toes curl.  I really enjoyed this book.  It was a decent length and the character building is phenomenal.  I look forward to reading the next in the series!”

“It always worries me when I fall deeper and deeper into a creepy and sinister plot while vastly enjoying the experience.  I fear there may be something wrong with me to become so enthralled and transfixed on such a twisted and disturbing story.  But in my defense, this superbly penned stunner quickly mesmerized me and held me in thrall with razor-sharp and well-crafted writing.”

“The storylines were ingenious and compelling, cleverly insightful, and often witty and amusing. I had a hard time putting my Kindle down any longer than necessary for those pesky chores such as sleeping and seeking sustenance.  The characters were fascinating, original, complex, and enticing, yet deeply flawed - some more than others.”

“The taut narrative was skilfully written, with frequent dashes of clever humor, intense sensual scenes, and a mesmerizing and suspense-filled build-up to the gruesomely plotted climax.  It was highly evocative and often elicited a powerful response.”

“5☆ A Raunchy Thriller I Couldn't Put Down! Murder, sex, violence, prostitution, secrets, lies, stalking and friendship. I absolutely loved reading this Taut psychological Thriller. It was a tantalising, dark deliciously twisty thriller that built up suspense along the way. Never quiet knowing when the stalker was about to strike. If you enjoy Taut Chilling psychological Thrillers, that sizzle with sexual tension, then you will really enjoy The Penance List.”


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