FOR MY SINS - The David Trilogy (out soon)

How much blood must fall to erase a childhood memory? We understand the boy but fear the man he has become.

We continue David Howard’s obsession with his spurned childhood sweetheart, Tara Warr. His life in tatters, he battles with demons in search of her forgiveness, but is it too late?  Spiraling out of control unable to stop, he hits the ground running, evading Police capture… but who helped him and why?

Questions, questions, questions… he was such a good little boy why hadn’t they just left him alone? Why him, why start this torrent of hate? Why does he feel he is being played? Why are his dreams so vivid, and who is the voice in his head?

Joining forces with the powerful, caustic, seductress Moira, who has her own debts to settle, he turns his attention to his final destructive act.  Kicking off with kidnap, blackmail, a damming media frenzy exposing a powerful, slippery, corrupt politician. Has David stirred up a monster bigger than him? Will he manage the ultimate revenge, of where it all started? With enemies returning to haunt them, and friends who are not as they seem is Tara wrong to stay? Careful what you wish for.

Again Cunningham serves a hot dish of first rate storytelling in this salacious edge of seat RomThriller, ushering in the high-octane world of London’s underbelly; glamor, celebrity, power, ego, obsession and the might of the heavens. A brave, pulsating read.

FOR MY SINS... How much trouble can one man cause... is this finally the end?