Siobhan Cunningham and Gary Stretch

THE DAVID TRILOGY 'The Penance List', 'Unfinished Business' & 'For My Sins'.

A stylish, tension filled, thought provoking, edge of seat, at times wickedly humorous sexy psychological thriller trilogy.

SYNOPSIS Millionaire, Adonis-like lothario, DAVID HOWARD kidnaps his beautiful childhood sweetheart, fun-loving city girl, TARA WARR, holding her captive in his luxury Chelsea apartment for three days and three nights. He plays with her sanity as she lies naked, drugged, bound star-shaped to his bed, whilst all hell breaks loose outside. Through powerful ramblings we learn why.

DAVID is ticking off the names of a death list, revenge on those he blames for a pained childhood. We follow his journey from angelic altar boy to disturbed, psychotic killer, he grabs our hearts, we feel empathy for the boy and understanding of the man.

For DAVID is a victim himself - his beauty and vulnerability a curse. He loses his virginity to an abusive Headmaster of a Home Counties public school, his spurned heart to his bullying sister's best friend and his alcoholic mother to a car crash, he finally cracks. Finding solace in the school science lab, he takes control of his life through the 'god-like' dissecting of rats, mice and finally, those who harm him.

Moving to London he inhabits the capital's colorful underbelly - a world of ex SAS officers, footballers and high-class hookers. He emerges as a sexual 'tour de force' indulging his carnal appetites, first with his sister's friends, JOSIE, an expensive whore, SEB, a roguishly attractive paparazzi photographer and Chelsea career girl TARA, whom he prises away from her lover, an aristocratic Italian football star FRANCO ROSSELLINI, much to the annoyance of his neurotic model girlfriend, MARIA.

As TARA, HELEN and JOSIE meet for fun 'Sex and The City' girlie lunches they have no idea they're being stalked by a sexual predator who hunts, films, and drugs his victims with the tenacity of a bird of prey. Their crazy world of irreverent frivolity is shattered as DAVID wreaks his havoc. He moves into the apartment above TARA's, setting up cameras and microphones to spy on her every move. Using the wealth of his inheritance, the memory of his pained childhood, and the power of his regal beauty to stalk, trap and torture those that harm him, DAVID courts the British media, sleeps with TARA's workmates and patiently waits to swoop in for the kill, seeking penance from those he feels have exploited him.

As TARA's world slowly crumbles and her secret life is exposed, DAVID's reign of terror begins. He manipulates her, takes her prisoner and sharpens his schoolboy scalpels - ready to move in for the kill. Preparing for TARA’s last rites, it remains to be seen whether her friends and true grit will save her. The race is on!

Set in glitterati London, the leafy Home Counties and the spectacular Amalfi Coast, THE PENANCE LIST and its sequels, UNFINISHED BUSINESS and FOR MY SINS, are stylish and contemporary, sexy thrillers. But these are no ordinary thrillers they will make you laugh, make you cry and make you search your soul.