BOOK REVIEW by The Novelette The Writers Block of Unfinished Business

When Predation Becomes Seduction ~ The Writers Block Review of

Unfinished Business

by S C Cunningham

Good God talk about a forbidden romance. Is it crazy that the psychological twisted-ness and über forbidden nature of the relationship between charismatic, sexual predator, David, and his oh-so-willing-and-eager victim, Tara, made this story all the more intriguing? 👀

I suppose the answer would probably be, “Yes”…

Me rn:

So, when we begin the story the deeply disturbed deviant David locked up for murder and kidnapping and holding Tara hostage and murdering a guy from Book One (which I didn’t get a chance to read, but that okay! Because Unfinished Business can be a stand alone anyway! 😌). As Tara decides to pay her victimizer a visit all the while trying to 1.) convince herself that he is not her one true love and 2.) not give him the satisfaction of knowing that she still wants him.

//Side Note//: Of all the iconic and famous victim/victimizer love stories that have ever graced the small screen: General Hospital’s Luke & Laura storyline and One Life To Live’s Todd & Marty storyline come to mind. Show runners, quite incredibly, took two supremely, universally hated mentally tortured male villains into fan favorites after reforming their wicked ways which, in both cases, included brutally raping their soon-to-be love interests.


IKR? 🧐

Well that’s what we have here in Unfinished Business and S.C. Cunningham has done much of that same risqué, daring, and incredible work that show runners of early GH and OLTL did.

While taking us through the upside world of Tara loving a madman and actually being flattered by a madman’s obsession for her, Cunningham continues to responsibly emphasize that Tara’s -isms are -isms unique to Tara. Obviously this girl is not the norm. Cunningham also responsibly emphasizes that although David was mistreated throughout his life…

(((…I mean as an abused child David’s mantra was once,

One day I will be bigger, I will be badder… I will be bigger, I will be badder,’ the words kept tears from his eyes.’)))

….that this still provides no excuse for his current abhorrent behavior.

*Sigh* Okay.

Now onto the good stuff….


In Unfinished Business you will find a love story which will intrigue and leave you awake in the middle of the night staring at your ceiling still thinking about these characters. In these pages expect to find:
Passions on top of passions
Kill Lists
Psychological corruption
Psychological dependence
A daring escape
A love triangle spanning countries, and
Tara fighting not only David, but her true nature to love the extremely unlovable.

I give Unfinished Business ✨✨✨✨ (four stars)!!

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