'The Deal' 5* BOOK REVIEW by Nom de Plume Books

5* ★★★★★ BOOK REVIEW for 'The Deal', by Nom du Plume Books

"If I died and went to Hell, the Devil would sit me down and read me every typo I’ve ever made. Gag! Talk about a living nightmare!

Let’s just pray I’m lucky enough to go to heaven and be a BALLER like Amy Fox as she gets sweet succulent revenge on all the people who abused her.

At the start of The Deal, we are immediately thrust into the action. We are inside a prison where a conniving criminal wants to exchange cells. YaaaaNO. Pretty soon he’ll start asking for t-bone steaks and use the bones to go HAM on other prisoners like Gerald Butler in Law Abiding Citizen.

Oooo and these criminals are so perfectly sculpted. SC Cunningham gives us immaculate descriptions through the eyes of a detective. I mean, who can even come up with details like this? It’s maddening.

Why did it feel as if someone was watching her?

Someone is always watching, sweetheart.

Eight years later we are introduced to Amy Fox. She is an adult and very much alive when we first meet her, but not for long. There are many ways to die but my top three worst ways to go to heaven are as follows: being burnt alive, inhaling ammonia (which burns your lungs and your body instinctively sends water there—like a blister—and essentially drowns you), and lastly, getting hit by a train.

One of these happens to Amy. Hey, she’s gotta get to heaven somehow!

Let me just warn you all now: The Deal is incredibly raw and explores dark themes of human trafficking and abuse. I don’t know how SC Cunningham did it, but Amy Fox brings balance to the plot with her humor and lightheartedness.

Except she’s not very lighthearted when it comes to getting revenge on the man who raped her when she was four. Yes, four.

Is getting revenge at the expense of others worth it, though? To Amy, it kind of is….

You’re probably asking yourself right about now, “Where is the romance NDP?”

Entering: Jack.

Le sigh. Let’s talk about Jack for a minute before we analyze the plot. HELLO HOTTIE! Jack is Amy’s “new” partner. I say “new” because he may be a stranger to her, but she is no stranger to him. 

You became my obsession… all the time. Think more, a bodyguard that you didn’t have to pay.

Umm. Can I be your obsession?

Now our protective Jack is concerned Amy is going to be consumed by revenge (too late) but now they’ve got their feelings intermingled into this mess of avenging and justice. Something has got to give, and I’m afraid that Amy is going to choose revenge over love.

Why wouldn’t she?

SC Cunningham sent me on a vivid acrobatic journey replaying Amy’s past at the right intervals. The text is detailed, flawless, and wonderful. The puzzle pieces all started to line up as I followed Amy through her transformation and inevitably towards her happily ever after. The Deal is so descriptive I felt as if I was reading line for line an investigative report. There is quite a bit of dialogue which I don’t typically enjoy, but it all had a purpose, propelling the characters and developing them through actions.

The Deal is blissfully raw and absolutely perfect. ★★★★★ for days.

(And let’s not forget to mention that this book is absolutely typo-free. Devil ain’t got nothin’ on this book.)"

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