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The Penance List

by S C Cunningham


5 Star "This is the first book I read of S. C. Cunningham and it’s the first in her David Trilogy. I must say that when I started reading the book I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew it would be different from anything I had ever read. And I was right.

As we start reading you are immediately falling down on this rabbit hole and you won’t wake up in Wonderland. S. C. Cunningham wrote the book in such a peculiar matter that I couldn’t help myself but loving how dark and mysterious the story was starting to be, and how ‘no-limits’ it was. And I was starting to expect anything to happen.

The flow of the book was great and it never let go of my attention. As we go deeper and deeper into this crazy and sinister plot, we get to know more the characters. They all are complex and flawed character, which gives the book an even real feel to it. With intense sensual scenes, suspense and gruesome moments, and the thriller that started to run through my body as I was reading… I can almost guarantee that you will go on an unexpected journey through this psychological thriller.


Brilliantly crafted, visual and devious,The Penance Listwill get you to experience the story as if you were a part of it. Each characters’ interactions leads to actions that makes the reader anxious for every page, an in the end the grand finale makes you want to grab the next book as fast as you keep.

I could talk about every character and let you all know my thoughts, but I feel like you guys will get as invested in their lives as I was, and you should decided for yourselves without my words running around in your mind, because I can assure you, you will already have many thoughts to keep you occupied.

I enjoyed every thing minute while reading this book and I couldn’t seem to stop reading at night despite all the darkness of the book. And I absolutely recommend it if you guys are willin"g to adventure into this dangerous and unusual, Thriller and Erotica book.

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