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Unfinished Business


S C Cunningham


David is in prison and Tara thinks that she can finally start getting over what he did to her. But she finds herself still drawn to him. She decides to confront him one last time but is left off balance. David is still obsessed with her and will out soon enough to visit her again. He is determined to continue what he started in Penance List.

The Penance List completely threw me for a loop and I couldn’t wait to read Unfinished Business. This series will have you emotionally through the ringer. In the present, David is a brutal stalker that really believes that he loves Tara but really wants to kill her.

At the same time we learn even more about David’s childhood and how this monster was shaped. It’s pretty dark and brutal but you can’t help feeling for him. A child is an innocent and you can’t help but feel for what he went through. But you can see how it shaped him into the present monster.

Tara is completely suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Although she is afraid of David she also is draw to him after her ordeal. Although it might not seem logical, you see this happening all the time with kidnap victims. And the ending? I wanted to slap her silly.

This is a dark thriller that will keep you breathless from the terror and sex. It’s a great read but I recommend reading the books in order.

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