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by S C Cunningham


"It’s very rare that a book leaves me speechless, but this one did! If you think the first book in the series, The Penance List, was a mind bender, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Cunningham somehow topped the action and the suspense in this one.

When I write reviews for mysteries or suspense, I don’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil anything for other readers. So, no spoilers from me. The book picks up after the events in book 1, and Tara thinks she might finally be safe. Too bad for her, she is anything but that. She is David’s obsession, and he will stop at nothing to have her.

I have to say that David is “hands down” is the most complex character I have ever met! He causes so many complicated feelings within me. Part of me feels sorry for him for all he has endured, but part of me is totally creeped out and frightened by him. As the author writes, “we understand the boy, but fear the man.” He is full of darkness, but he was made into the man he is by circumstances, pain, and horrific abuse. He leaves me completely conflicted.

As conflicted as I am about David, I feel the same with Tara. She has complicated feelings for him as well. She sees the damaged child, but she also sees the psychological mess he has become! All I know is I definitely have no desire to walk in her shoes.

I have never had a writer make me question things or had me in such an emotional state before. That proves to me how incredibly talented she is! Not many writers can say they make readers feel that way! I have no clue where the next book will take me, but I’m absolutely sure it will be quite a ride!"

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