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Unfinished Business

by S C Cunningham


"5☆ Dark, Sexy, Dangerous, Compulsive Thriller... A MUST READ!

Unfinished Business is the second book in the series and wow what a series. I'm addicted!

It's dark, steamy, manipulative, sexy, dangerous, intimidating psychological thriller and I loved it!
S C Cunningham draws you in as you hold on to her every word. A little flush under the collar and most definitely gets your pulses racing.

It's so shocking that David can be so manipulative, dangerous yet so sexy and controlling all at the same time. That's exactly how he makes Tara feel, even behind prison bars he gets he hot and flustered. She should despise him yet she can't help wanting him between her legs!

If I write about this plot then I will give too much away about the first book and wow was that one good too.
You do get a recap which I really appreciated. But my advice is....this isn't a standalone. Too much happens in the first that picks up where it leaves off. So read The Penance List first.

The sex scenes are pulsating, hot, sexy, steamy, the characters are desperately flawed but I couldn't help liking them, even David and his a manipulative psychopath. The plot is very dark, compulsive, thrilling, enthralling, edge of your seat page turning. I can't write down how much I am addicted to this dark sexy thriller. It just keeps getting better and better!

By far my favourite series of 2018! Bring on the next book!"

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