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Unfinished Business


S C Cunningham


Favorite Quotes:

... Swearing was so wonderfully satisfying. Why take the time to put drearily long, politically correct sentences together when the point could be made in one delicious succinct ‘bollocks!’

... Of course it’s real, you mare, he’s not playing Barbie and Ken, that’s Action Man down there, our very own killing machine.

...They gave her the hostile ‘do you know who we are?’ look, followed by aghast hand-on-hip staring and shaking of heads, as if she had just stolen their first born and worn the same dress. Eyes wide, jaws dropped, they didn’t move.

... ‘If I die I want red roses and a pint of Guinness on my coffin,’ mumbled Seb, his hands over his eyes. ‘I may be a tad thirsty where I’m goin.’ ‘Blue flowers for me… Don’t worry Seb, hell will have wicked bars and clubs, you’ll be fine. What music do you want?’ asked Tara.

…‘there’s an old boy who brings his life-size doll with him, he leaves her in the passenger seat of the car… he would bring her in but she keeps sliding off the bar stool, he doesn’t want people thinkin she’s drunk… She’s very pretty, a bit of a surprised look on her face… nice clothes… her hair needs doing, I did offer, but he took offence… I think he thought I was trying to pull her… honestly, do I look like I ‘do’ women?’ he tutted, hand on aproned hip… ‘Plastic ones at that…honestly,’ Anton huffed…

My Review:

I am enjoying this dark and twisted series far too much and continue to worry what that says about me. This story has me in knots and I am enthralled and intrigued by this ingeniously crafted, maddeningly paced, unpredictable, action-packed, tautly written, and salacious tale. Laced with betrayals, hidden agendas, secret identities, passionate and sensual love stories, and more scream-worthy twists and turns than a carnival ride.

The writing was nothing less than first-rate and I lived for this wily author’s cunning and clever lashings of wit and titillating humor. S. C. Cunningham is obviously an evil genius with serious word voodoo. Her characters were enigmatic, alluring, deeply flawed, and fascinating. Not one of them was who they seemed or without dark secrets of their own. David must have a magical wang as all his past lovers still find him highly desirable, despite his unsavory crimes, twisted behaviors, murderous intent, and previous attempts to kill them off.

I am now stamping my little foot in a pique over the heinous cliffhanger and totally conflicted in whom to root for as the ending turned everything upside down. I sincerely hope Ms. Cunningham is currently locked in her office while chained to her computer and banging out part three. I have but two words for her – please hurry!

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