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A Raunchy Thriller I Couldn't Put Down!

A raunchy Thriller that contains Murder, sex, violence, prostitution, secrets, lies, stalking and friendship.

I absolutely loved reading this Taut Psychological Thriller.
It was a tantalising, dark deliciously twisty thriller that built up suspense along the way.

Never quiet knowing when the stalker was about to strike. This book does contain sensitive issues and graphic scene liciously twisty thriller that built up suspense along the way. Never quiet knowing when the stalker was about to strike.


WRITING - How I Build Fictional Characters


When building a fictional character I draw from observations of people I know or have closely watched, it’s easier to write from truth.  Luckily, I’ve worked in a few fascinating industries, where I have been able to study a wide range of characters.


WRITING - Book Signing

I love signing my books, writing a special personal note to the reader.

It is especially easy with ‘The Deal’, because I sense with this book that if someone reads it and likes it, they are a little moon-crazy like me.

If they like ‘The Deal’, they have the courage to believe that there is something else out there looking out for us, and in these senseless troubling times this is a good feeling to have.

If they like ‘The Deal’, I feel that they have a good heart, kind soul and powerful energy. They trust that our knowledge just hasn’t caught up with the science of it yet.


WRITING Book Bloggers, we need them.

Thank goodness for Blogging Book Reviewers... they help connect readers with writers.

And single-handedly keep the book industry turning whilst sorting out the Good, the Bad and the Ugly ... (that western theme tune just whistled through my head, love a good western, met Clint Eastwood once... oh what a man!... a voice!... (sigh)... sorry I digress!).


WRITING Every Author Needs an Author Team

Every successful Author needs a strong Author Team, a book family.

I write hot thrillers and paranormal romance novels, I expected writing books to be a lonely reclusive existence, but I was SO wrong… it’s a team effort. Delivering a book to the world is a job of three parts; writing, editing and marketing. The writing can indeed be pretty lonely. A mushroom-like existence, living in the dark, tweezing through hair-pulling spaghetti storylines, battling with word choices, eating dodgy food, keeping late nights and talking to yourself like a crazy person.


Domestic Violence… a step away from murder.

My pet hate is a cowardly bully, I’m putting this information out there to let victims know that they are not alone; when they are ready there is help.

Sadly, abuse from a partner or ex-partner is very common and can easily spiral out of control, affecting both men and women. What starts out as a seemingly happy healthy relationship can turn into smothering-hellish-quicksand, leaving the victim shaking their head asking ‘how the hell did I get here?’

If you suffer from abuse, or know someone who is, there are many agencies set up to help. See links below.


WRITING Is it ok to have just ice cream for supper?

Is it ok to have just ice cream for supper?

Phew! a great day’s writing, but I get lost in my characters and forget the normal things in life, like shopping, cooking, brushing my hair and maintaining the basics.

Last night, I had ice cream for supper… a whole pot! Is that a bad thing? Is there an ice cream police? Who made these rules anyway?


Growing old doesn't mean...

Never judge a book by its cover... Growing old doesn't mean we have to give everything up...

During my daily storyline head-crunching dog walk, I bump into many lovely folk walking their dogs. We give polite 30 second chat about the weather (very British) whilst our dogs do their social media thing; chatting, sniffing out information and leaving messages. Today I met a sweet spritely little lady, 80 ish, who I regularly say hello to. We touched on the conversation of keeping trim.


3 Reasons Why Writers Need Pets.

3 Reasons Why Writers Need Pets - Dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, fish, snake.... whatever rocks your boat.


Thriller Author gives thanks to her Ex husband... Raf Ravenscroft RIP

Dear ex husband... I pinch myself everyday when I look at our daughter, we did good, thank you. RIP & keep an eye on her from up there.


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