GUEST POST for Black Books Reviews


The book looks brilliant and I can’t wait to read it...

But in the meantime please welcome Siobhan to my blog. She has written a guest post;


"How I came up with the idea for The Penance List"

I tend to write what I know; my storylines are founded on real life experiences...


BOOK REVIEW by Sinfully Wicked Book Reviews

BOOK REVIEW by Sinfully Wicked Book Reviews

The Penance List by S C Cunningham

What did I stumble into? I thought I was going to get an easy psychological thriller, instead I read some brilliantly crafted dark and devious mind bender of a story.

Author S.C Cunningham has penned a delicious and often times horrifying story where each character intertwines leading up to an explosive grand finale. I have to say there were characters that I loved and ones I hated to love. The story in itself was dark, but there were many laugh out loud moments that gave a much needed break from the evil lurking through its pages. This is a no holds barred story. The sex is plentiful – guy/guy, girl/girl….cheating…you name it it’s probably here. This book makes erotica look tame. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to start the second book in the series.


BOOK REVIEW by Writing From The Heart

5 out of 5 star Book Review by Steph Greary Writing From The Heart  

Wow! What a read! All I can say is what a fantastic find!

I am itching to tell you about this thrilling book from this fantastic author.

The Penance List is sexy, dangerous and a real page-turner. I was gripped from the very first chapter! It was dark, sexy, provocative, thrilling and oh so exciting! The characters were deep and brought a lot of great reading material to the book.



GUEST POST for Wrong Side of Forty Books

GUEST POST for Wrong Side Of Forty Book Reviews

I’d like to welcome Siobhan to my blog today, she has a great guest post…

"Writing can be bad for my health… thank God for dogs." by S C Cunningham

I adore writing books, but it can be a lonely old business. To get into the ‘zone’ I have to shut myself away and cut off from the world. It can take days of living a mushroom-like existence to get everyday chitter-chatter out of my head, empty my thoughts and create space for the spaghetti-esque storylines I’m trying to keep one step ahead of.

My books tend to have complex characters with three or four subplots, which is a lot for this dumb old blonde to control without losing the reader or the natural flow of the story. It can be hair-pullingly frustrating, so I’m afraid I do tend to swear a lot. Thankfully only the dogs at my feet can hear me.



BOOK REVIEW by Six Tinder Weeks

5 * Six Tinder Weeks Review - The Penance List by S.C. Cunningham

A great read! 5 Stars... Dare I say, I want more?!!!

Oh my goodness! The Penance List is so fast-paced, I fell off the bed reading it! I have to admit it is not my usual cup of tea and I don't really like blood and guts. But this was well written and had tempo so you don't dwell on the "gore bits".

Great style, lots of action and intrigue. What a change from romance and I honestly do think that I could fall in love with this genre. I am glad I took a chance on it.


GUEST POST by lead character,Tara Warr

GUEST POST by lead character Tara Warr, for Emma of The Little Bookworm Reviews

"My Girls" by Tara Warr, lead character in The Penance List.

Hello there, my name is Tara Warr, T to my friends. I’m solvent, single, live in London (this is beginning to sound like a dating app profile… don’t even get me started on those!).

I have two gorgeous, single, fun-loving, trouble-magnet girlfriends, Helen and Josie. We’ve all reached the age of thirty having avoided the three things that sap a girl’s energy; marriage, divorce and kids.

It’s not that we don’t want long-term relationships, we’re sexually active and adore men, but we’ve just never quite understood the workings of the male mind.



GUEST POST for Random Things Books

GUEST POST by S C Cunningham for Random Things Today Book Reviews

I'm really pleased to welcome Siobhan, she's talking about the books that are special to her.

"My Life in Books"  by S C Cunningham

Am British born of Irish roots, the eldest of five my parents sent me to a nun’s boarding school at the age of eight for eight years, which I thought a little harsh as we only lived at the end of the school grounds - I tried not to take it personally as I guessed they thought I needed controlling.




BOOK EXCERPT for Jazzy Book Reviews

Excerpt from psychological thriller The Penance List by S C Cunningham for Jazzy Book Reviews

The moment seven year old David changes from sweet choirboy to psycho killer. Love the boy, but fear the man he becomes.

Heddington Hall School, Berkshire

His beauty was a curse. Even though he knew it was coming, his throat retched every time he heard his name summoned in assembly.

“And lastly, would David Howard report to the Headmaster’s study, directly after choir practice!” bellowed the Assistant Head to the army of three hundred bored, shuffling schoolboys that stood before him.


BOOK REVIEW by Rockin & Reviewing Books

5* BOOK REVIEW by Rockin & Reviewing Books - The Penance List by S C Cunningham

It always worries me when I fall deeper and deeper into a creepy and sinister plot while vastly enjoying the experience.  I fear there may be something wrong with me to become so enthralled and transfixed on such a twisted and disturbing story.  But in my defense, this superbly penned stunner quickly mesmerized me and held me in thrall with razor-sharp and well-crafted writing.  The storylines were ingenious and compelling, cleverly insightful, and often witty and amusing.


BOOK REVIEW by Birdies Bibliotheca Books

BOOK REVIEW by Birdies Bibliotheca Books

The Penance List by SC Cunningham starts out with a scene to make your toes curl. I really enjoyed this book.  It was a decent length and the character building is phenomenal.  I look forward to reading the next in the series! I really enjoyed this book.  It was a decent length and the character building is phenomenal.  I look forward to reading the next in the series!


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