Birth of DAVID character in S C Cunningham's THE DAVID TRILOGY

The Penance List, Unfinished Business, For My Sins (in progress)

Three o’clock one rainy London afternoon, Author S C Cunningham came face to face with a brutal attacker. His modus operandi of targeting women living in basement flats across England put fear into the hearts of a nation. He stalked, raped and terrorised his victims, evading capture for years.

Trapped in a doorway, Cunningham looked into his cold, calm, calculating eyes, his controlled half-smile and saw his pleasure in her fear. She had naively walked into Hell. She escaped unscathed, but the haunting experience raised the question, why? 

What turned a handsome young man into a psychopath? Where did such venom come from? Whilst growing up, did no one notice a killer in the making? Could ‘he’ have been prevented?

The fictional character of DAVID was born… making his debut in Cunningham’s controversial DAVID Trilogy; a thrilling, stylish, sexy and contemporary psychological drama - complex like its protagonist, working its mix of tragedy and comedy on many levels. DAVID follows a young man’s passage from angelic altar boy to disturbed psychotic killer.

Set in glitterati London, the leafy home countries and spectacular Amalfi Coast, you will laugh, cry and search your soul… understand the boy but fear the man.

Cunningham has worked within the celebrity driven worlds of; music, fashion, media and sport, mixed with rock stars, royalty, models, footballers and maverick moguls. She works as a Crime Investigator, and safely crossed the path of a brutal stalker, affording her novels a level of authority and sincerity rare in fiction… listen to your children and trust your gut, evil is but a ‘wrong’ step away.

‘Teacher, leave those kids alone.’ The Wall, Pink Floyd

… echoed through her mind as she wrote DAVID.





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