THE DEAL by S C Cunningham

Narrated by Susan Knight

(Optioned for Film)



Vigilante Angels? Heck Yes, Give Me All of It!

Westveil Publishing  @westveilarchive

I absolutely love the premise behind this book and series! The way this book was pitched to me reminded me of Tad Williams’ The Dirty Streets of Heaven, but with a romantic element. This is a very entertaining book with a lot of action, and I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

The Deal introduces us to “fallen angel” Amy and her newfound co-workers. In this version of our modern world, people who make deals with their god before death that they will help deal justice if they can be permitted to hang around on earth and make a difference in the world after death.

Amy survived childhood sexual abuse and has a vendetta again child abusers in particular, and her zeal for executing her own flavour of justice is getting her in trouble with the higher ups in her unit of vigilante angels.

Content warnings: Graphic description of sexual acts, violence, murder, exploration of the psychological trauma created by childhood abuse.



So Cool from Beginning to End.

Rincón de Joss @rincondejoss

And WAO! I don’t regret choosing this one. It was so cool from beginning to end.

The plot was interesting and fresh in my opinion. The idea of angel vigilantes is pretty fun and cool. Would love to do something like that, sounds awesome. I like how the romance comes very organic through the situation. And the setting, and how it sits and gives you a pleasant feeling there.

The twists were so unexpected, for me, I was like what? Are you serious? It kept me super entertained and on edge. Totally recommended if you want something interesting and fun to listen to.



Well, What a Ride this Book Is!

Sharon Beyond the Books @ShazzieRimmel

“‘The Deal’ by S.C. Cunningham is a fantasy story with a fresh take on avenging angels. A story that I must warn you of triggers such as domestic abuse, child abuse and abuse in general. With this in mind, it is a gritty on the edge storyline, that is quite dark at times.

Amy Fox is four years old when she is abducted. She makes a deal with God that when she dies she will help catch the ‘baddies’ the police can’t. 28 years later Amy passes away and discovers the deal made when she was four, does indeed exist. She finds herself working to protect the ‘erthfolk’ with Jack a mysterious hunk of an ‘angel’ as what is known as a Fallen.
Well, what a ride this book is! Not only are they just protecting the people alive they are dealing with all sorts of scum, the book does deal with all the abusers you can think off as Amy and the team get to work on them.

 I loved the chemistry between Amy and Jack, it made for a great partnership. Amy herself is a flawed girl anyway as she is still a little damaged from her abduction as well as having a rebellious streak. There is even a computer hacker in the team! Pyke who had his mission to deal with the drug dealers… absolutely fantastic!

This story just kept on giving for me, what Amy classified as ‘baddies’ back when she was four are a little bit more for me, horrible stomach clenching individuals who, in my opinion, needed despatching a long time ago but at least the team got ’em.  I think it would be a good idea if God fancies setting up a supernatural team anytime soon, get rid of the scum! Save filling the prisons!

For me a fantastic listen even if the abuse was a tad graphic, it hit the point it was made to hit. Just be aware of this if you aren’t keen on this type of stuff. Brilliantly narrated too.



The Perfect Audiobook to Escape The Real World and Disappear Into Another.

Book Shortie @Bookshortie1

The book starts with a plea from 4 year old Amy Fox to God. She was taken and she survived, but the girl that was taken after her didn’t. She promises to be a good girl from that day forward and in exchange when she does die she asks to sit on a cloud, be invisible and catch the bad guys that evade the police. What Amy doesn’t realise is that someone is listening and as soon as she utters her plea a deal is made. 28 years later, what Amy doesn’t realise is that it’s her last day on earth and the she joins the ranks of the Fallen, a network of souls who hand out karma to those on earth. Alongside her partner and mentor Jack, Amy is now an Angel. Jack is definitely a stickler for the rules, however Amy is the opposite and likes bending/stretching the rules. When Amy feels she is being watched and a new recruit to the unit causes complications the story takes a turn that you’re not expecting.

The attraction between Amy and Jack is definitely mutual and their chemistry is off the scale. The characters were well written and it has hard not to like Pyke and Maggie especially. It was interesting to learn more about Amy and Jack’s past before they joined the Fallen, the impact that this had on their lives and how it drives their motivation during their assignments.

This was an original and fascinating story full of likeable characters and at times quite intense. The perfect audio book to escape the real world and disappear into another.

I’m looking forward to the sequel and can’t wait to get hold of the series in paperback. If you like fantasy books I would very much recommend this.



I Enjoyed It, I’m Curious to See Where the Next Book Will Go.

Jess Bookish Life @JessicaAlmie

I have been exploring audiobooks bit more during this crazy time in our lives and in the world. Not because I’m out, but because at the end of the day, when I’m stressed and just want a book, my eyes don’t always cooperate, since they are tired. And with the audiobooks I can just relax and enjoy the story.

That’s what I did with this one. I love a good fantasy/paranormal romance. It’s what I write and what I love to read before going to bed. It gets my dreams to an exciting place. Listening to it is a different experience. And who doesn’t like angel’s stories?

I had previous read S C Cunningham works and enjoyed it. But this was my introduction to the series, as I have not read these books. ‘The Deal’ is book one in the Fallen Angel Series and I really did enjoy it as well. I have to say though, I have to get the book so I can read it and see if I missed something (I don’t trust my mind 100% anyway). Rereading and re-entering a story is something I love to do anyway.

By the narrator’s pleasant voice, we enter the world that the author has crafted. It’s not pretty, then again, life rarely is. It’s a strong book and dark too in some ways. It touches various topics that my be triggering for some people, so keep that in mind.

I enjoyed the plot and I had a couple of moments that surprised me because of some scenes that created a visual. Not a bad thing for me at all, it was actually something that I thought refreshing and different from what I was reading previously.

It was quite intense and emotional, which helped with establishing some connection with characters. I always look forward to that connection.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I’m curious to see where the next book will go.



An Absorbing Story

Jane Hunt Writer @jolliffe03

This audiobook creates a believable world where fallen angels bring evil humans to justice. This is a hard-hitting series with disturbing themes. It’s difficult to listen to in parts because of the detailed descriptions, but the author creates a world of avenging angels who don’t follow the rules to achieve what human justice systems cannot.

It works well as an audiobook, with the narrator distinguishing between the characters and bringing them to vivid life. This is an adult story, the action and language befitting the evil portrayed. Relatable characters and relevant themes make this an absorbing story to listen to for adult fantasy fiction listeners.



Excited to Read The Twist

The PuffelHuffelKitteh Reads @Shadowkitteh123

This is one of those books I’m torn about. I really enjoyed some parts, whilst other parts were hard to read/listen to. Don’t get me wrong, I knew going in that it would deal with some potentially hard subjects, but the author scenes well enough to make me uncomfortable on multiple occasions.

I enjoyed the plot of the book.  Was excited to read the twist and would be tempted to continue the series to find out what happens next with that.



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