Written, Illustrated & Narrated by S C Cunningham

Ever wish you could ask someone the big life questions? Tom and Vincent have a full list for their friend, Ginormous Jo.  A unique family of three dogs and a kitten are the best of friends. Tom, a little white dog and Vincent, a small kitten, play quietly in the backyard until they start asking questions about life. Are they special? Why do they feel they don’t fit in?

Jo teaches them how they are already special. And that through recycling, they can help save the whole world!

This darling little picture book continues the Ginormous Serious stressing the importance of asking questions and being honest with your elders. It helps model how children should feel free to express their feelings to loved ones older than them, and follow the advice. It stresses how anyone can be special by their personal effort to better the world. A great book for any children’s library especially as a gift from a grandparent or sibling.



Why I wrote Ginormous Jo's You Are Special

Excerpt from Ginormous Jo's You Are Special

Ginormous Jo's You Are Special. Full Read Aloud Children's Book

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"Beautifully Illustrated, Heart WarmingEducational, Important Lessons, Highly Recommend! Heartwarming story. Looking After Each Other, Being Kind, Family and Friendship" DashFan Book Reviews

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“A lesson in life for us all. I shall remember liswat. I know a beautiful large white dog just like Jo who listens and watches.” 5*

“So real. Fires the imagination - makes you look at animals in a different light - waiting for books 3 and 4” 5*


"This was the cutest book that touched my heart. The author did an outstanding job, I enjoyed it and I think that any child would love this story too." 4*

"Hooray for Ginormous Joe! What a great story. Pure love really does have redeeming/transforming properties doesn't it? I want to meet Ginormous Joe and give him a great big hug. Gorgeous illustrations!" 5*


Through The Ginormous Series children learn how to communicate their problems and work through their feelings. This loving, cuddly, engaging collection of children's books follows pets discussing their 'life handling' problems and how they solve them together. A great addition to any child’s home collection or teacher’s read-aloud library. Encouraging thought-provoking conversation between adult and child.


Owned by 3 dogs and 2 cats, Cunningham writes suspense thrillers. As respite from her crime novels, she creates children’s picture books, teaching tools, each with a theme to gently teach our precious young, and help start thought-provoking conversations between adult and child. The Ginormous Series is based on Cunningham’s beloved family pets.