Crime Author gives thanks to British Police

The Grime of Crime

Having signed the Official Secrets Act, I can’t talk about my Crime Investigation work with the Police, but I can talk about the humanity I've witnessed behind it.

There are a few things I now know, that when I see a Police Officer, I give a mental salute of respect.

Naively, I used to take the Police for granted; they were something we paid for in our taxes that gave speeding tickets, and kept the streets safe. But I didn’t comprehend quite how safe. They are the thin blue human line, the wall that holds back a host of evil seeping into our protected ‘bubble’ of a life.

I used to live in my own little bubble, a struggling single mum, rushing to work, paying the bills, driving within the speed limit, trying to be a good citizen, and sometimes having a little moan about the crime rate in the area.

I have now peered over the other side of that wall and realise how much is held back from us, how much we are protected, how much worse it could be, and how much we have to be grateful for… they are worth every penny, and more.

Humanity on the other side of that wall is dark, and these brave Officers, often with families of their own, face it 24/7 on our behalf. Relatively unarmed, courageous men and women walk into potentially dangerous, emotionally crippling, risk critical situations every minute of every day, year in year out.

They start their shift, never knowing what they’ll be facing from one minute to the next.  A call comes in from a distressed civilian and they’re off… to everything from saving puppies and walking old ladies across the street, to picking up body parts at road traffic incidents, suicides, terrorist attacks and murders, to dealing with drunks, drug addicts, trafficking, domestic violence, organised crime gangs and mental health issues, to sifting through the paraphernalia of paedophiles, killers and rapists (some images never leave you), to breaking news to loved ones, sourcing evidence and dealing with the massive intricate paperwork of getting the file to court, and justice for the victim.

They are tough, caring, and still manage to keep calm when being spat at, kicked, abused and criticised by certain members of the public, who are often first in line to dial the 999's when they or their loved ones need help.

DON’T LET GOVERNMENTS CUT FUNDING, the wall needs to be strengthened, not weakened.

Officer... I salute you. Thank you.