Thriller Author gives thanks to her Ex husband... Raf Ravenscroft RIP

A Thank You To My Ex Hubby... RIP Raf, we did good.

I met Raf Ravenscroft when I was modeling, he was playing sax and touring with the Pink Floyd.

He'd played the sax on the iconic song 'Baker Street' by Gerry Rafferty, so his career was flying high. His haunting sax solo's were sought after by many in the music business; Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Average White Band, to name but a few. The boy did good.

We worked and lived together for eight heady years, running a music studio, and producing music for film in London. Which is where I got my love of film from, and why I write books with film and music in mind. Music, I believe, is a main character within film... but I digress.

We created the most adorable little girl, Scarlett.  If she'd been a boy I would have named her Rhett, as in Butler, as in Gone With The Wind... you are probably far to young to remember :-)

After being together for eight years, we got married.... it lasted eight weeks...  but, hey, we had a great wedding party. We divorced.

Scarls was 6 or 7yrs, from then on I brought her up alone, she is now 30yrs. They saw each other regularly, but in the last few years became very close and worked together on an amazing art project 'The 11th Hour' where Raf composed music to her augmented paintings, raising funds for Soldiers and their families, through The British Royal Legion. Which has led to her current exhibition 'The Danger Tree', honouring the brave Somme souls.

Sadly, October 2014 Raf passed away. Am grateful that Scarls and he got to know each other, it was an important balance to bring to her life. Being a single parent is tough, you have to be mother and father, so if possible (and safe) I think it's important to let children get to know both parents.... no matter how badly the ex's get on (and we didn't), it's the children that count.

After all, they didn't ask to be here, you dumped it on them... as I always reminded my poor suffering father during teenage tantrums.... "I didn't ask to be here..."  (huff) (flick of hair) (stomp out of room).

Every time I look at Scarls and what she has achieved, I have to pinch myself with joy. 

Raf Ravenscroft, if you're listening, thank you... we did good, our girl Scarlett Raven rocks!! She is talented, working her ass off and a credit to us. I know she misses you every day. Keep an eye on her from above.

Thank you.... (and where the hell is my David Cassidy album??)


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