FOR MY SINS He was a good boy, why couldn’t they just leave him alone. How much blood must fall to erase a childhood memory? TARA has stepped into the lions den, she may not live long enough to find out.

DAVID escapes capture... again... who helped him this time? Friends are not who they seem. Enemies come back to haunt.

DAVID hits the ground running, joining forces with the powerful, caustic, MI5 seductress, MOIRA HINKY, to settle old debts.

First stop is TARA and her gang. They are kidnapped and blackmailed into assisting the duo trap, expose and humiliate eminent politician, LORD KNUTE BATES, by creating a damming media frenzy. But the powerful, slippery, corrupt Master BATES has other ideas.

Caught in the middle of a life long feud, fighting for their lives, who should the gang fear more, KNUTE,  DAVID or MOIRA?

Will DAVID manage the ultimate revenge, turning them into him... killers?

Again, CUNNINGHAM serves a hot dish of first rate storytelling in this salacious edge of seat RomThriller, ushering in the high-octant world of London’s underbelly; glamor, celebrity, power, ego, obsession and pure evil, a brave, pulsating read.

FOR MY SINS... How much trouble can one man cause... is this finally the end?